Wedding anniversary photography in Brooklyn

Wedding anniversary photography in Brooklyn

Maybe you want to organize your wedding anniversary in style, and you want to make the most beautiful collection of photographs to have as a souvenir of that other year of love and happiness that you are living with your partner. Have you ever imagined how helpful it would be to hire an expert staff in the production of photographs to help you create a dream album?

Undoubtedly, in order to obtain that dreamed photographic collection, it is highly recommended to make the right choice of professional photographers, such as those of our company Juan Carlos Photographer, who have great experience and knowledge in this area, and also use techniques of great technological advancement for each shot they take.

For these events full of great joy, happiness and dignity to immortalize, our professional service knows the great importance of collecting beautiful memories, taking great care to get the best results you want to see at the end. Their passion for capturing the happiest moments makes you relive the love and the best moments of your wedding anniversary when you see the photos, which will be a very special day!


Celebrating a wedding anniversary is one of the most emotional moments for every couple, because it´s reliving the day they were united in marriage. To do that they take care of selecting the best photographer to portray every moment of that unforgettable date. The idea is to be happy, to love each other, to have fun and to make an instant become eternal by expressing the most beautiful emotions that can be experienced on that special day. Fortunately, this is what photography is all about, photographing happy moments. Here are some moments to capture:

·         At a romantic dinner.

·         Making a toast.

·         Giving a kiss.

·         Having a picnic.

·         Taking a trip to a special place in Brooklyn.

·         Performing a mini wedding.

·         Showing affection to your partner.

·         Together with family and friends.

·         Singing birthdays.

·         Blowing out the candles.

·         Taking in the floral arrangements and decorations.

It´s wonderful to know that you can count with many occasions to photograph in your wedding anniversary. For this experts will be available to perpetuate the best moments that will be transformed into incredible images, taking advantage of all the emotional moments, of which there are many. Everything will be special for the birthday couple in love, because they are moments that will last and that they will always want to remember.


We are a company with great experience and an advanced trajectory; we provide personalized attention because we know how important is the support and help when our clients need it. Because we generate confidence, we have become an excellent company, not only for weddings, but also for any other event. We not only take pictures, we tell stories through the images.

With our specialized staff and sophisticated equipment you will have the result of a video work, as well as the reportage with photo shoot of your wedding anniversary. Where the ingenuity and creativity of our professionals will come to light, to make unique, emotional, original and high resolution images, which carry that touch of distention that qualifies us as the most experts in the magical world of photography.

Therefore our personnel with the knowledge and technique that handles provides high quality work very skillfully controlling all the elements that make up the professional photography, such as the details of light, framing, focus, shots… adapting very easily to each couple so it offers packages for married couples to have the wedding anniversary album they have always longed.



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