About Us

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Juan Carlos Events, is a company that has more than 10 years of experience producing unforgettable memories in the memories and hearts of the families of the city of New York, with large photographic and videographic projects applied to different events. Our career begins as a small company dedicated only to photography for small family reunions and birthday parties for friends and acquaintances. As time goes by, my small jobs begin to be recognized a bit more and the proposals to photograph begin Weddings. Each time I specialized in the photographic area to be able to provide quality work.

The business started to grow and I decided to include new members for what is now the aforementioned company. We extend our services including photographs for baptisms, 15 years, birthdays, etc. and so we increased our services since our portfolio grew over time due to the needs of the New Yorkers.

We also acquired the most innovative technological equipment in the market, professional cameras, video cameras and the preparation of a complete study so that the results were what our clients wanted and so they will be completely satisfied.

Later we decided to take a leap that undoubtedly revolutionized the way of making memories about events: the cinematography of Weddings, it seemed to us that the traditional videos in a short time bored the viewer due to its form of production and its duration, with which we acquired the knowledge of cinematography experts producing stories with the quality of the best films, in short fascinating times, showing feelings, emotions, laughter, that is, the true essence of what the participants express.

Finally we have decided to incorporate a new service that represents the perfect complement so that the events of our clients have a style, unique, exclusive and definitely memorable forever; it is about the complete organization of the event guaranteeing a quality production with the best music that our professional DJs can offer, under the liveliness of our excellent animators together with a team of high technology: light games, laser, LED lighting, mobile heads , spectacular visual effects, theme parties and much more. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our services and if you are interested in any of them, contact us and receive excellent quotes.