Journalistic photography in Brooklyn

Journalistic photography in Brooklyn

When Reading news, there is no better impression than seeing a photograph to back up the story. This gives it much more importance because you would pay more attention to what you want to report. If you are in this world of journalism and need to know what to do when publishing a scoop, we offer the best material for you to know how to make an exclusive.

The essential thing is definitely to transmit a message through photography as a theme events and happenings, with the objective of narrating stories through images, projecting the emotions of the moment and raising awareness about a specific topic or news, thanks to development and technological advances and editing techniques that allow the information to be conveyed in a positive way, resulting in a very charming graphic report for the reader.

That is why the photographic services of our company Juan Carlos Photographer, are fully focused on disseminating and communicating information from any place or space. Also, the report is valuable, productive and effective for posters, billboards, magazines, social networks among others that will contribute the best references of the moment.


The journalistic photography can have a great diversity of variations and styles, however it always presents the same general characteristics. Some of the will be referred to below:

  • It should focus on current and relevant events and facts, so its image should reflect a recent event and illustrate it sufficiently.
  • Like any branch of journalism, this type of photography must be objective and show reality as it happens.
  • It is narrative, so it must generate a discursive thread that makes a connection with the viewer, so that it is sufficiently understandable.
  • As for its aesthetics, it must find the perfect balance between the artistic part and de narration of de event.
  • After all, photography must also comply with all the rigors of journalistic ethics in terms of truthfulness, accuracy and objectivity. Lighting, brightness, contrast, framing and everything has to play a very important role. The photo has to look good, it has to be readable.


  • It offers a wide and complete coverage of the subject matter to be transmitted.
  • Provides photographs with high communicative value in the printed pages offering a better understanding and attraction to the reader.
  • Provides good management of editing techniques that add color, focus, style, design and framing to de images.
  • Provides graphic reports with greater focus and attractiveness to the viewer.


We are a company of long trajectory with professional ethics and a very extensive photographic career, in which we have an unequaled network of professional photographers, specialized in the mastery of the best techniques of edition, light and projection. All our work equipments are of high quality and high resolution that have no competition because of their exclusivity. Our responsibility and efficiency make us the preferred choice of our clients.

We offer you the best personalized attention and professional advice in the development of your projects in which we will help you to materialize them in a very effective way, putting at your disposal all our knowledge and last generation equipment with advanced technology to obtain extraordinary production results in video and photography. Don´t doubt in contacting us, visit us and find out how efficient we are!



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