Birthday photography in Brooklyn

Birthday photography in Brooklyn

You surely want to celebrate the birthday of one of your loved ones, and you want to keep the best memories of that special day. Have you ever imagined what a great help it would be to have the assistance of a professional photographer? However, hiring a specialized photographer isn´t so easy; for these moments you have to know how to choose, and choose the best.

Certainly, celebrating one more year of life is such a special moment that should be immortalized with the most impressive photos. For this our company Juan Carlos Photographer, we would be your best choice, to capture those beautiful moments full of great emotions, that you will live happily with your loved ones, and you will keep to relive and remember forever.

For this reason, having a team of professional photographic technicians will make everything easier for you in the organization of your event, since our company will be responsible for making the most complete photographic reports. Every moment of that great celebration of life will be documented with the most creative and sensational images full of brightness and color.

For us it will be a great pleasure to use our photographic lens to capture all those emotions and great feelings that will develop during this beautiful event. You will be able to remember beautiful images of impact with the most remarkable backgrounds with all the family and friends reunited happily celebrating life in that special day.


When we are responsible for covering an event from the beginning to the end, first of all, we get to know in advance the location of the event, if it is a large space such as a fun park, a house or a special room. So by being clear about this detail, we can know about the lighting and the place we will have to start photographing.

Therefore, at the moment of attending the place where the birthday party will take place, our competent and specialized personal will prepare all the equipment (cameras, charged batteries, and other accessories). It is advisable to have all this in optimal conditions, since it would be useless to bring a good camera if the batteries aren´t charged.

At the moment of taking the photographs, we will take advantage of the versatility of the assistants to take the best photos by trying different angles and positions. We will also try different focal distances to get a general perspective from the place where we will be located, which will allow us to capture and isolate the details more easily.

In such a way that to take the best birthday photos you should keep in mind the above mentioned, as well as take advantage of spontaneity, naturalness, and be as creative as possible, to look for details that attract attention, such as candles, decorations, cake and candles, decorations, cake and backgrounds that highlight the invited and the detail to be photographed. So with all these aspects you will be able to get the most impressive quality photos.


We are an experienced, of great trajectory and very responsible company that looks primarily to advise and help the client to make their dream come true. We offer a high level of service with the latest regeneration equipment that allows us to achieve the most spontaneous, creative, fun and inspiring birthday party pictures, which will have a great impact.

We become accomplices at the moment of living beautiful experiences, if it is about celebrating one more year of life, in order to make you feel a special attraction for photography. We do it with remarkably professional sense, since our preference and inclination for photos with an excellent and perfect finish prove it. So, if that special date is approaching, don’t doubt in hiring our service, we are attentive to assist you.



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