Photography Professional for Baptism

Photography Professional for Baptism
Photography Professional for Baptism

With the birth of a baby, the whole family is filled with joy since it is the arrival of a new member to the family with the hope that the person in charge will be able to succeed his surname. The first years of the child's life is decided by their parents, who will be in charge of spreading the best of their feelings, customs and values.

One of the first and most important decisions that parents make for their children during the first months of birth is the baptism that according to their faith, represents their birth and arrival in the Christian world through a religious ceremony and a subsequent celebration for such an important event that many are used to practicing today. 

Faced with this will, parents and relatives begin to prepare the first most important day of the child before God and society. What if the baby clothes, what if the godparents, what if the food and place and date of the ceremony are transcendental aspects in the list of activities to be done before that date. What is never missing in a ceremony and celebration of christening, however simple it may be, is the photography and video that are key elements since it is the memory that will remain present for generations.

Being the first sacrament applied to children, parents and relatives want to immortalize this day and therefore may require the help of a family member or friend or hire a professional photographer. Ideally, hire a professional, who captures the best moments at the exact moment. 

For such a decision accounts with the team of Juan Carlos Events is here to help you and ensure that this special day passes generations. We have more than 10 years of experience in the area of ​​photography, videography and music of events. We work with the quality and style that our clients deserve. 

We have different packages and promotions that you simply can not pass up that goes from 6 to 3 hours of coverage. We offer photographs prior to the ceremony, such as preparing the baby for his bath before dressing, tender moments such as when his suit is placed, arrival at the temple, and of course the crucial moment of the day the imposition of the sacrament, an image that will live by Always in the memory. We offer Full HD Videos, musical ambience with our Djs professionals.

We also offer services to Weddings, 15 Years, 1st year of the baby, Photographs in awards and much more contact us and get the best quote.