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If you want to organize a party that makes a difference, that transports you to any golden age of the 20th century especially in the 80s, you are in the right place, Juan Carlos Events has what you need to do a great golden party, with music that will make you relive the most special moments during those years and for the youngest you will be able to live a new experience where you will learn a little the way of life that was used to those years, you will have the opportunity to know their music , its costumes, commercials, music videos and popular TV series of the time through our screens with the best quality in image and sound.

We provide advice for decoration details and thus have the possibility to merge the ideas of our clients with those of our experts to ensure an unforgettable night.

We also have the necessary material to recreate the best environments of the time, technological equipment and the most impressive visual effects that you think you have stepped back in time. This at incredible prices that you can not miss.

Although this article promotes professional DJs for theme parties of the 80s, we also organize theme parties of today adapted to your requirements and our specialty the popular Halloween party where our creativity can be appreciated at its best. We have for your party: Led heads, smoke effects, laser, impeccable entertainments by our professional animators so you do not stop for a second and enjoy the whole event.

Our Fiestas have made a difference, as the principal of this article is the eighties party, a time when two great pop stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna were born artistically and that were undoubtedly wonderful years.

Other celebrations that we have carried out with total success are: years 20, 40, 60 and much more. 

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