Djs for quinceanera new york

Djs For Fifteen Years
Djs For Fifiteen Years

Juan Carlos Events, is the ideal to organize a spectacular party of fifteen years, since in addition to creating great photographic projects that you will remember forever, will bring the best atmosphere and musical scenery with our professional DJs that set to vibrate Even the most timid of the party, expert staff for assembling the most innovative musical platforms in the way you are looking, we have powerful sound, with state-of-the-art equipment, impressive visual effects, light games, giant screens where the name will be projected of the protagonists of the night.

On the other hand we offer the most complete interaction with the audience with our professional animators and ceremony teachers who will be in charge of presenting the best musical shows. 

We guarantee the success of your fifteen years, your party will be the most commented and envied by your friends and for that we put dedication and passion to our work, as well as the human and technical staff that will ensure that everything goes better than planned. Our Djs will create exclusively for you the best live mixes without previous recordings.

We cover different types of parties for fifteen years from the formal parties that are the traditional parties of fifteen years where we will put the environment to measure, also the informal ones that are simple parties but that without doubt leave very pleasant memories for the quinceanera family and friends in a Small environment, simple but with the same feeling. There are also thematic parties, there in addition to our advice on the decoration and organization of the event as a professional photography company, we also provide our help with production, sound, lighting and visual effects that will form the perfect setting for a celebration of height.

We guarantee:

Robotic Professional
Lighting Perimetral Lighting
Professional Photography
Personalized music repertoire
Special effects
Aerial shots and much more.

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