Sports photography in Brooklyn

Sports photography in Brooklyn

If you are a communicator of the sports discipline, and you want to make an impact with the best images, imagine for a moment how a review would look like without the company of a photograph? Most probably it would not be given much importance, so with this in mind, we offer you the most impressive sports photography work, with a high quality design.

In the discipline of sports it´s very important, to have the assistance of a photographer with great experience, ability to react quickly and anticipation to capture and visualize the movements of athletes, leaving these moments completely immortalized, which will serve to disseminate them in the networks as compelling information of the records achieved in any sporting discipline, or alternatively keep them as a memory.

To achieve the desired project, the idea is to be able to capture each of these competitions through this necessary tool, such as photography, turning them into the most beautiful moments, full of energy, and intense emotions, obtained with sophisticated last generation equipment, by the hands of our specialized personal Juan Carlos Photographer.


Sports photography is a modality in which all kinds of sports are portrayed, seeking to show every movement, effort and emotion that is experienced. The use of the burst or constant shooting is implemented in this type of photography because in sports, the photographed are in continuous movement, which forces photographers to be very fast at the time of getting the photo.

However with sufficient knowledge of the sport it is possible to predict the next actions and anticipate the play to get the photo you need, which isn´t always necessary to use this tool of continuous shooting. You only need the professionalism of expert photographers in this area to know when to stop that almost unnoticeable movement.

In the sports photography modality, the first that consider is the equipment to be used, such as battery, memory card, and luminous lenses with zoom, which will allow grater versatility to change the focal distance as the action develops, and thus be able to obtain impressive photos with greater sharpness, in the world of sports.

That is why, for the realization of the most amazing photographic reports with images of scenes of great impact, effort and drama, it´s important to have a team of professionals with knowledge in the sporting discipline to be portrayed, and also well prepared with great skill and dexterity in handling the cameras, such as those offered by our company Juan Carlos Photographer.


There are several aspects that identify this type of modality such as sports photography, which resides in capturing the instant that defines an athlete or a sport, which undoubtedly needs specialized people at the moment of immortalizing each action in the space and precise time to capture the smallest detail. There among the characteristics that define it are the next.

  • Facts in movement. Every type of sport involves an action in movement, so every photographer must be technically prepared to immortalize the precise moment.
  • Sports spaces, part of sports photography is to be able to capture the totality of sports spaces, such as soccer, tennis, basketball or swimming, which involve very good photographic technique.
  • The distance to the subject. Two key elements come into play here: the spontaneity of the image and the type of objective and zoom.
  • Indoor or outdoor lighting. The camera configuration must be adapted, and the equipment must be adjusted according to the specific technical needs.

These are very precise and important qualities that must be taken into account for a high level work, where you need professionals like ours to ensure a quality service, and highly equipped with the latest equipment that will facilitate them to obtain an impeccable job, with photographs that impress and impact and first sight.



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